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    The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity prides itself on maintaining the respectable academic standing of all our active brothers. It is these same brothers that are our greatest asset in doing so. Last semester our chapter maintained an overall GPA of...

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    During this crisis, we find it very important to protect our members, their families, and our community. From zoom meetings, to masks outdoors, our goal is to protect...

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    The Gentlemen at Phi Kappa Psi Minnesota Delta would appreciate any donations to help our chapter function. Donations will help sustain our chapter, keep our dues low for our Undergraduate students

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    Get to know the guys through our Rush period at the beginning of each semester. It’s a time to have fun, let loose, and meet new friends!

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    John Doe

    Software Engineer, Oracle

    Phi Kapp Psi Duluth taught me...

    John Doe

    VP Sales, MicroZend

    I wouldn't be here today with out this chapter...

    John Doe

    Founder, PipeInstruments

    After graduating, many of my employees are from Phi Kapp Psi Duluth...

    John Doe

    Analyst, JP Morgan

    After networking at a national Phi Kapp Psi event.....

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